Jim Zellmer

US & German Passports // talk@jimzellmer.com

I create, lead, implement and support technology applications that improve human lives.

Vision + execution.


Virtual Properties, Inc. 1995 - 2020 [sold]
Co-founded one of the first Software as a Service (SAAS) businesses. Products included:

The Online Open House: virtually tour apartments, homes, condos, buildings and medical facilities with just a click.

National photographer automation that grew productivity and reduced costs: client, scheduling, cloud distribution and amplification [Photos, 360 scenes and video].

ReData: Banks and mortgage companies used this paid SAAS service to search land records that included ARM mortgages for refinance opportunities.

360Ads: an early attempt at building a local and regional digital ad network, seeking to replace realtors' traditional print spending.

Property Map Search: Listing & attribute www search; simplified discovery.

iOS & Android apps: Lead design & development of public and enterprise native apps, from 2008.

Sales Training: addressed information gaps and amplified broker recruiting & retention.

Main Street: ERP/CRM for fast growing real estate brokers:

M & A asset for visionary clients: presented to target firms helping acquirer clients close deals & grow business. A 20 year client was acquired by Berkshire Hathaway's HomeServices unit.

Cost reduction: Applied a common set of ERP, CRM and document/transaction services across growing client regions. Real estate data varies substantially over geographies. VP created aggregation and data distribution services.

Client vertical margin growth: expanded CRM services to include mortgage, insurance, home warranty, relocation and title transaction opportunities.

Connections: extensive internal and external CRM rule based touches, including interactive surveys.

A conversation with an early adopter: Dave Sacarny.

Successfully negotiated a number of digital supply chain agreements with US and international vendors of all sizes.

Wins: realized a long term vision with a terrific team. Became a growth engine for visionary clients.

Losses: Residential real estate nexus moved to agents from brokers (likely moving again). Failed to find a large financial institution willing to materially power a nascent FinTech fused mortgage and real estate discovery experience. 360Ads entered the market too early (2003).

Mandli 1993 - 1995 Oregon, WI
Lead growth of GIS data collection product into new national markets: Alaska, Hawaii, Montana and Texas. Discovered and negotiated early HD video relationships with Sony.

Pepsi-Cola International 1991 - 1993 DFW and Louisville
Conceived and implemented a plant production reporting system that reduced turnaround time from 90 days to < a week. Managed supply chain sources and costs. Explored new product challenges within a multinational organization. Introduced Mac slideware.

SGI Beverage: 1989 - 1991 South San Francisco, CA
Managed supply chain and licensed product development with major brands, including Coca Cola Foods, Domecq and Bacardi.

Morning Star Development: 1986 - 1989 Denver, CO
Managed lender, development and sales for this mountain resort developer.

First Wisconsin Bank: 1985 - 1986 Madison, WI
Retail, Commercial and Trust management training program.

Kubota Tractor Sales: 1979 - 1984 for Service Motor Company and Delafield Equipment (while a student). Introduced Kubota compact tractors to Christmas tree farmers, landscapers and agricultural applications.

Lawn mowing, newspaper delivery service, dishwasher and breakfast cook: 1972 - 1979. Learned from entrepreneur parents.

Education and Interests

K-12 academics & governance.

University of Wisconsin-Madison, B.S. Agriculture Economics 1985.

Travel, media, cycling, photography, discovery, books, drone applications.

amuz.com The multi-lingual and privacy friendly iOS & android app for explorers



Part 107 Drone Pilot

Immersive and still photography, video

User experience

Application design, development and testing

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